Solar Radiation Sensor

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Sensor for measuring the level of Solar Irradiance

Sensor: Solar Radiation
Output Type: Analog 0 .. 10V

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Solar Irradiation Sensor

The sensor is connected to analog input of the smart meter smart-MAIC D105.

Solar radiation is the main source of energy for all physical and geographical processes occurring on the earth's surface and in the atmosphere; it is measured by the power of the energy it carries per unit of surface area (Watt/m2).


Spectral range: 0,3 . . 3μm

Measuring range: 0 . .1800W/m2

Resolution :1W/m2

Analog Output: 0 . . 10V

Nonlinear: <+-2%

Annual stability: <+-2%

Cosine response: <+-10%

Working humidity: 0% . . 100%RH

Working temperature: -40°C . . +60°C

Power supply: 24V DC (not included)


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